Safety First !


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Ever since the company was created, our team has been especially concerned about the safety and compliance of our products, from the design stage up to manufacture. This is all the more important since our products are intended to be in contact with young children’s food.

Their quality is controlled by prior testing at the factory. The required tests are then performed on finished products by approved laboratories. The tests required to be performed on all products that are in contact with young children’s food are defined according to the following standards:


• EN 71 - Partie III - Migration of certain harmful elements such as colorings, heavy metals etc.

• EN 14350-1 & 2 - Childcare items (liquid foodstuffs).

European standard prohibiting the release of certain chemicals from materials to be used for the manufacture of drinking equipment.

• EN 14372 - Childcare items (solid food).

As with the previous example, this standard sets the safety requirements that apply to cutlery and feeding utensils for children under 36 months of age.


Lastly, it is important to note that all the products in our crockery range are free phthalates and BPA (Bisphenol A):

• BPA may be used as an antioxidant and in the manufacture of plastics and polycarbonates. The Petit Jour range of crockery was ahead off the regulations prohibiting the use of BPA in childcare items.

Phthalates are substances contained in certain PVCs in order to soften them. We guarantee that the PVC used in our oilcloth products does not contain phthalates.

• Lastly, all our products are marked with an engraving to guarantee their traceability.


Moreover, our materials are recognized for their appealing appearance and the quality of their ingredients. These are just two examples:

• The items in our crockery collection have a remarkable finish and density and are very easy to handle, as well as being very resistant to knocks although they are not unbreakable.

• We always use the most innovative materials even if this means absorbing higher manufacturing costs. Our new two-handled mugs are therefore now manufacture out of Tritan, which is gradually replacing polycarbonates in countries with the most advanced legislation. In addition to heightened resistance and safety, this material is more visually attractive than polycarbonate (greater resistance to UV rays and frequent dishwasher cleansing, greater transparency and shine etc.)



Jeux / jouets

We have always been especially concerned with the safety and compliance of our products, from design until manufacture. This catalogue regroups part of our products that correspond to the statutory definition of a “toy” (i.e. any product designed or clearly intended for use in play by children under 14 years of age).


We have set up a Quality System with the following aims:

• Monitoring standards and regulations to follow and anticipate any evolution in these areas concerning our products.

• Setting up a Quality Charter defining the undertakings by our suppliers in matters of quality.

• Selecting and testing materials used right from the development stage of new products, to ensure that they satisfy applicable regulations depending on product type, such as: REACH, Phthalates, Total Cadmium, Heavy Metals (EN 71-3) etc.

• Assessment all the dangers applicable to the kind of toy in question to be able to implement all protective measures required to ensure the safety of the child.

• Testing the products before manufacture according to the standards applicable to them.

• Since 20 July 2011, drafting the technical documentation required by the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC.

• Drafting the “EC Compliance Certificate” guaranteeing compliance of the product with the fundamental rules of safety enabling the application of “EC” labeling on the product.

• During manufacture, setting up controls to ensure that the materials used and the manufacturing procedure comply with the description defined at the development stage.

• After manufacture, final control before delivery.

• Manage all the tests performed exclusively in approved laboratories (guarantees the quality of the results).


Since the new European standards of July 2011, these products are subject to the most stringent safety regulations in the world to guarantee faultless products for a particularly vulnerable group of clients. Their quality is approved by prior testing at the factory. Afterwards the required tests are performed on the finished products by approved laboratories.

Our products are tested in accordance with European standards EN 71-1 (mechanical and physical properties of toys), EN 71-2 (inflammability) and EN 71-3 (migration of certain elements), as well as standards that are specific to certain categories of product.

Lastly, it is important to point out that all our toys are free from Phthalates (substances contained in certain PVCs in order to soften them). Our bath time toys, skittles, aprons and bibs are in soft PVC that is guaranteed free from phthalates. All potential sources of danger have been identified and removed.

For example, the modeling clay kits are composed of harmless clays which can touch the mouth of a child, and the same applies to the painting kits.