Our story...

Our company was founded in 1977 by Thomas Lettmann in back-store of a Paris toyshop.

The company started out by distributing toys and games in France which were imported from northern Europe.

The small team expanded rapidly and set up their premises in the old Grain Storehouses of la Villette where they stayed for fifteen years.

Our company has been developing its own ranges of toys since the end of the 1980s based on characters from children’s books: The Little Prince, Elmer, Mimi the Mouse, Barbapapa and many more. We also created the Petit Jour trademark to distinguish our own collections from those we distributed for third parties.

Our company continued to grow and in 1996 we moved to modern custom-built premises a few miles south of Paris.

Since 2005, these new premises (including a beautiful studio) have proved particularly suitable for our collaboration with a whole host of artists with whom we are designing our future collections.